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We often hear about problem of transportation in Jakarta is the most exist ever occur. Traffic in Jakarta is increasingly crowded situation in Jakarta . the causes of traffic jam is the number of vehicles are bigger than the space of road. Busway is one of solution and effective transportation to decreasing traffic jam in Jakarta but the problem uses of busway is an appropriate choice have no conclusion.

Some people agree with argue that busway is effective transportation because busway can be able to give feeling pleasantly relaxed and safety to The passenger. Only Rp 3.500,- you can treveling around of Jakarta. Busway have a speciall lane not only can make destination quickly but also avoid from the traffic jam. Busway service is also have a differences from other buses , no conductor , smell of cigarette , and no pollution. For pregnant woman and elderly a priority to get a seat. If the passenger is full, driver won’t stop at the next shelter. Busway also have complete with radio communication which the passenger can be able to give and get information about traffic jam , accidents and giving information about the passenger’s luggages thet were left.

On the other hand , busway is the cause of traffic jam in Jakarta because 1/3 lane of busway from road already using especially for busway , as a result the street become tighter and full with many vehicles not only from car but also motorcycle. The busway’s time schedule is also not on time which cause the passenger to queue at the busway shelter, this happens due to the limited bus that haven’t covered every place in Jakarta. In the shelter of busway that haven’t a toilet for the passenger. The Busway facilities get spoilt so much, for example many of graffiti on the wall’s shelter, many bridge floors thets filled with holes, stairs that are not in good shape , glasses that are not fixed, these things occur in busway station on Jl.MT. haryono and Jatinegara.

Disadvantages economics of busway is about 8 – 42 trillion. The main purpose of busway is to switch private transportation users into public transportation users still can’t be achieved.

In conclusion, for the hippest system of transportation operate there’s must be some balace and comfort , and this time busway has done well. Busway already as public transportation eventhough there are still many things that are supposed to be fixed from the transportation management side and its work. In the future we hope that the busway can be the best transportation that people dream of.

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