Selasa, 19 April 2011

tugas Passive Voice


1. Simple present tense S + to be +V3

Active Voice : this store sells only children’s clothing.

Passive Voice : Only children’s is sold in this time shop.

2. Present Continuous tense S+ to be+ being+V3

Active Voice :the manupacture is advertising this product in all the newspaper

Passive Voice : this product is being advertising by the manufacturers in all thr newspaper.

3. Simple Past tense S +was/were+V3

Active Voice : buyer returned a lot of these items

Passive Voice : A lot of these items were returned ( by buyers).

4. Present perpect S+ Has/have+been+V3

Active voice : the agent has stopped the distribution of the merchandise

Passive Voice : the distribution of the merchandise has been stopped by the agent.

5. Future Tense S+Modal+be +V3

Active Voice : Only customers will use this facility.

Passive Voice : this facility will be used by customers only

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