Rabu, 05 Januari 2011

Complaint letter 1

Tiramisue Store

Street 102 H.Dimun Raya



Mr. Shendyadi Wijaya


Store Electricals,


15 December, 2010

Ref: Complain letter regarding the non working of the refrigerator

Dear Mr.Shendyadi,

On 01 December, 2010 I have purchased a refrigerator from your showroom. Its model no. is 185665 and Receipt no. is 1032. After installation it was working fine for a week but then its cooling system has broken down.

I first made a verbal complaint about the issue but no action was taken for about a week. Then again I complaint about the problem and one of your engineers came and did the inspection. He advised me to change the complete set as there was some technical problem with the cooling system which could not be fixed permanently.

Therefore, I request you to kindly change the refrigerator as it is still in the warranty period. I am enclosing the copy of the bill and other documents for your reference and hope that my request will be entertained very soon.


Fitri Apriliana

Encl: Copy of Receipt

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