Sabtu, 09 Oktober 2010

If I work in the office

III. If I work in the office

as auditing

My name is Fitri apriliana, I worked in a big company in Jakarta. My position on it as an auditing firm. I work at a company famous in Jakarta, the company has many professional employees. secretaries who look nice, smart and insightful, as well as auditing my work well. Mr. Syarief was the head master at the company where I bekerja.he is a good leader, smart, hard workers in the company leads.Mr Syarief other than the leadership of his company, he also has other business.

Every day I leave for work by public transport or ride a train the days are usually the city was always jammed, so it means I always leave early. In the field of auditing accountants work in the form of inspection reports, so as an auditing, my job is to examine the company's financial statements properly. I as the auditing of the company is not alone, I was helped by employees who lain.they’re also hardworking and smart.

Mr. Syarief as corporate leaders are also often help employees. I and other employees often perform together with the host Syarief meeting on the financial statements that we check with. also frequently get the task of hosting Syarief such as checking the financial reports of other companies along with public accounting firm.

it is not easy to examine the financial statements. I love working as auditing, I get lots of information, experiences and lessons that I got,in company or in the office accountant

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